The Electricity Crisis in Pakistan Yet to Go Away

The electricity crisis in Pakistan is yet to go away. However, people’s willingness to shift to solar energy.

The electricity crisis in Pakistan yet to go away

The electricity crisis in Pakistan is yet to go away. However, there is one latent positive aspect to it: the people’s willingness to shift to solar energy. Many houses in urban areas have embraced renewable solar energy to deal with electricity shortfalls and rising costs, however, another benefit of relying on solar power for electricity generation is its environmental friendliness. Similarly, the government’s commitment and efforts towards adopting sustainable energy have increased. This is evident through the many incentives that prompt more and more people to shift to solar setups for meeting their energy needs.

Despite the slow and gradual shift towards using renewable energies, Pakistan, as one of the most threatened countries from climate change and environmental degradation, must do more. Our policies on renewable energies are still vague and complex at best. If the authorities make them simple and comprehensive, more people can be encouraged to shift to renewable energy. Furthermore, the world’s best solar power schemes now offer the “cheapest…electricity in history,” according to the World Energy Outlook of 2020. With solar technology being cheaper than coal and gas in many developed countries, the problem of accessibility diminishes.

While other states are offering considerable subsidies to business ventures and the public to switch to renewable energies, we are still relying on oil and gas for meeting our energy needs. The government must realise that solar power is the viable way forward for Pakistan to safeguard its energy security and lower the basket price of electricity as well.

Experts believe that Pakistan is located in one of the best solar zones in the world. Yet, our efforts to adopt solar energy for electricity generation lie at an all-time minimum. Our reliance on non-renewable energy resources, however convenient they may be, is neither efficient economically nor viable environmentally. We must take full advantage of our location by investing more in green energies to address the economic, environmental and energy crises.

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