Oppo Technology Conference 2020 To Introduce Advance Products

The 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference is beginning in Shenzhen, in which Oppo is going to introduce the world with many advance products

Next week, Oppo is going to introduce the world with its next generation technology and many advance products, including TVs, AR (Augmented Reality) glass, smartphones and others. The upcoming 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference is beginning in Shenzhen, China from November 17, in which the company can make big announcements related to its latest innovation, future planning and research and development.

What new is coming

Earlier news came from Oppo that in the annual conference, the company will present the FDF Full Dimensional Portrait Technology System as well as Full Link Color Management System and 3 concept products to the world. Now Oppo said that the second generation Oppo AR glasses will be exposed in the technology conference. This device is made keeping in mind the choice of the people, which is not only comfortable, but with the best features. The lens of this augmented reality glass will have 2 cameras in the corner, with one camera for AR detection.

Oppo’s second generation AR glass will be equipped with many advanced features

Is there anything special about Oppo AR Glass?

In December last year, OPPO presented AR Glasses to the world in its technology conference, which had 4 lenses. Now, second generation AR glasses will have depth sensors as well as spatial MIC arrays. Oppo AR Glass will come with voice interaction and 3D surround sound support. It will also have microphones and buttons, which can be commanded by gesture and voice.

OPPO’s plan

Oppo’s upcoming technology conference will feature new 5G / 6G smartphones as well as other Dhansu products including budget smartphones, TVs, wearables. Oppo founder and CEO Chen Mingyong has said that he will spend 50 billion yuan over the next year on research and development.

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