Pakistan Is Well Aware Of The Climate Change Effects On Crops

Pakistan was well aware on the basis of facts that the climate change effects on the yield of major crops by rise in temperature.

Pakistan was well aware on the basis of facts that the climate change effects on the yield of major crops by rise in temperature, irregular precipitation and extreme droughts.

The working papers prepared by the climate change ministry clearly warned the government that the climate change would enhance the vulnerability of agricultural sector with severe storms, floods and droughts, in turn exposing country to the threat of socio-economic losses.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently pointed out that the climate change has negatively impacted the crops production thus creating difficulties in the agriculture sector.

The ministry recommended to the government that the adaptation to the climate change is the way to reduce or avoid the negative impacts of environmental changes at the farm level in the form of changing crop variety, altering irrigation and changes in soil management practices.

The latest data of the climate change ministry reveal that the agriculture sector needs an adaptation strategy in order to deal with emerging hazard of climate change.

“Policy makers should also focus investments on infrastructure development i.e. water reservoirs, canals and dams to handle the extreme disaster events. Water conservation management and the irrigation system must be improved to support the agriculture growth” the data said.

A decline in crop production due to the climate change not only affects the agricultural sector but its results can extend to all agriculture-related industries and beyond, such as manufacturing and services.

Another report titled “A Case Study of Pakistan” said the climate change would have some serious implications at the household level.”

“The climate-led changes in the crop production will have consequences on the returns of factors of production, incomes and consumption of different types of households. A huge rise in the commodity prices will create a great challenge for the livelihood of the whole country, especially for urban households,” it said.

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