Apple MacBook Touch Bar: The New ‘Force Touch’ Technology

Apple posted a new patent for its list of innovations that are intended for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar led display. Called the “Force Touch”

Apple recently posted a new patent for its list of innovations that are intended for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar led display. Called the “Force Touch”, it mimics the 3D Touch that was initially found on iPhone technology. The newly-patented tech from Apple would soon come with the ARM-based Silicon Macs which are rumored to also have a refresh on the latter half of 2021.

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The most valuable multinational technology company, Apple, is back to the drawing boards and utmost secrecy for a new technology that would dawn future M1 MacBook Pros that have Touch Bars on them. The new patent signifies a new age for the MacBook, moving on to providing upgraded tech for the future designs that started with the new chips.

Apple M1 Macs: Touch Bar is the Next Upgrade for the MacBook Pro

Currently, Apple’s newly-released MacBooks are only fitted with the M1 chips, and not much has changed on its design and features. The MacBook Pro still has its Touch Bar display that replaces the quick-access tools for volume, brightness, Launchpad, etc. Additionally, both the Air and Pro versions only have two Thunderbolt 4 ports compared to MacBook Pro Intel’s 4-port availability.

The M1 MacBooks may have changed so little in terms of design and body, but program and performance-wise, Macs are giving people a bang for their buck. Apple came through for its word from last June’s WWDC that promised the Silicon-based Macs to release before 2020. Apple bid farewell to its long-run with Intel chips which it surely trashed with M1’s superior processing and benchmark powers.

Apple is gearing up for 2021 as a new year awaits for its future releases and technology. The new patent, as reported by Patently Apple, is somehow confirming the possibility of another redesign for the MacBook Pros which will focus on its led display Touch Bar that remained untouched since its introduction last 2016.

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Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar: Force Touch is 3D Touch for Laptops

As the name suggests, Force Touch would loosely copy the iPhone’s original “3D Touch” technology which first appeared for the iPhone 6s in 2015. This technology lets users have additional functions with just the change of weight applied when touching the screen.

The usual Touch would be like a left-click on a mouse, and the 3D Touch would be like triggering the drop-down menu of the right-click. The feature is nifty, especially for people that do not want to perform other touches to access certain features for particular applications.

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However, this feature was discontinued for the iPhone 12, with the iPhone 11 as its official resting place. Same goes for the AppleWatch which received the same Force Touch name and function but were also removed. According to 9 to 5 Mac, despite its removal from handheld devices, the tech would now make its way for Apple’s computers, particularly the PC Laptop, MacBook Pro.

The patent was initially filed last May 2019 but will only see its possible release on 2021’s redesign of the M1 Macs.

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