NuraLoop: The Newest Innovation From Audio Company Nura

The NuraLoop is the second addition to the Nura. Including the mind-bending technology from its predecessor into a smaller package.

The NuraLoop is the second addition to the lineup from the Australian-based audio company Nura.

Nura’s first product – the Nuraphone – featured innovative new technology able to “learn” how the user hears to deliver a unique, personalised sound profile.

Now Nura has somehow managed to include the same mind-bending technology from its predecessor into a smaller, sleeker and more comfortable package.

NuraLoop review: Design

The custom sound profile is possible thanks to tiny microphones that measure how sound travels and reverberates through the ear canal.

After a few minutes of bleeps and sporadic high frequencies in the companion application – the custom profile is ready.

Just like the Nuraphone, the audio quality that the NuraLoop delivers is unfathomable, until it is actually experienced.

The Nuraphone used an in-ear piece along with an ear cup that allowed for an overwhelming amount of bass with immersion mode maxed out.

The body of each earpiece is bulky but is kept firmly inside the ear with a rubber wire that wraps around the ear that can be adjusted for the best fit.

Each rubber piece is flatter than is typical in ear headphones, so they don’t go as deep inside the ear canal as other earphones do, but still form a seal.

This less intrusive design will reduce ear fatigue and will allow the user to wear them for longer without any issues. Three sizes of ear tips are included to ensure a universal fit.

It’s easy to see if they are fitted correctly with a test that running in the application when they are first set up.

The wrap-around design makes them ideal for exercising and running, as they’re made with sweat resistant materials so they won’t slip out of the ear during a workout. They are also lightweight and durable.

The same touch controls from the Nuraphone were rolled over into the NuraLoop. By tapping the sides once or twice, you can skip between songs, answer calls, activate noise cancelling and use other customisable options.

The rim of each of the circular touch controls can be set to control the volume of audio, by sliding the finger around the edge of them like a dial.

But with an expanded array of touch gestures, the controls are sensitive, so it is easy to unintentionally pause or skip a song.

The two earpieces connect through a wire with a proprietary charging connector between them. The connector features a smart light which indicates the progress of a charge.

If I’m really nitpicking, the wire connecting the earpieces hangs a little low and can be irritating when you’re moving around while wearing the NuraLoop. A retractable wire as seen in traditional IEMs (in-ear monitors), would have ensured a tighter and more secure fit.

It is also possible to connect an auxiliary cable for use with 3.5mm audio jacks, making the NuraLoop the world’s first wired and wireless earphone.

NuraLoop review: Sound quality

The bass response is well defined and can be adjusted with immersion mode. This has the effect of making the earphones simulate a live performance setting, which puts the NuraLoop miles ahead of its competition.

These deep immersion capabilities work to put the listener right in the middle of a concert hall, as if you were listening to your favourite artists in person.

I also decided to test the custom profile function by making an additional profile to test whether the sound was any different from the first. It was all to no avail – the sound was perfect each time.

I also set up profiles for my colleagues and like me, they were blown away by the sound quality.

I also tested the profile function by witching back to my custom profile while other people were using the NuraLoop. They found what I hear with my profile to be vastly different to theirs.

And when switching back to other profiles it sounded to my ears as though they were cheap headphones. The technology behind the NuraLoop is remarkable.

NuraLoop supports Bluetooth aptX HD, which receives the highest quality signal from whatever device they are connected to.

The NuraLoops can also be used as in-ear monitors (IEM) for musicians, providing a true representation of the instrument or sound mix. When connected through audio cable, the cable runs down the back making them ideal for a live performance setting, with wires well out of the way.

Besides music, the quality of phone calls on the NuraLoop is also outstanding, for both caller and receiver.

NuraLoop review: Battery life

NuraLoop boasts the longest battery life in any earphones of its kind.

A full charge provides 16+ hours of use, with just 10 minutes of re-charging yielding two hours of use.

Most wireless earphones require a charging case of some sort and won’t work for nearly as long as NuraLoop without needing more juice.

NuraLoop allows for extended periods of use and with fast charging the downtime waiting for charge is significantly reduced.

NuraLoop review: Price

For the amount of features and overall quality of the NuraLoop, the price of is very reasonable.

They are robust and will last a long time, and because they measure your hearing and deliver a orofile to your ears, they are an investment in your hearing.

In comparison to Apple’s flaghsip earphones – the AirPod Pros, NuraLoop leaves them dead in the water, and they’re cheaper.

What’s to like?

  • Supreme sound quality with custom profiles based on your hearing
  • 16 hour battery life
  • World’s first wireless and wired earphones
  • Comfortable design
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Competitively priced

What’s not to like?

  • Connecting wire can be irritable on the back of the neck
  • Touch controls are sensitive so can be accidentally pressed

What we think

They stand out from their competition with their incredible sound quality, exceptional battery life and application support.

The active noise cancelling does a great job blocking out atmospheric noise and with social mode, you’ll be able to quickly hear what’s going on around you with a tap of the side controls.

One of the only problems I ran into with the previous model was ear fatigue after extended use, with the NuraLoop you can enjoy supreme audio all day long as they aren’t restrictive on your ears.

NuraLoop are the last pair of earphones you’ll ever need.

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