Pakistan Endocrine Society Launched Guidelines Type 2 Diabetes

Pakistan Endocrine Society Develop Guidelines For First Time & Is Launching 11 Recommendations & 10 Chapters For Medical Practitioners

Pakistan Endocrine Society Launched Guidelines Type 2 Diabetes

President of Pakistan Endocrine Society, Professor Khurshid Ahmad Khan hosted the launch of 2020 Guidelines for management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and cardio metabolic Syndrome. The exclusive meeting was attended by leaders and professionals from the medical field including endocrinologists, cardiologists and media personnel at the Nishat Emporium Hotel.  Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) has developed guidelines for the first time and is launching 11 recommendations as well as 10 chapters for medical practitioners on pertinent issues for the management of Diabetes Mellitus and cardio metabolic Syndrome. The guidelines development committee includes Prof. Khurshid A. Khan, Prof. Abdul Basit, Prof. A . H Aamir, Dr. Ali Asghar, Prof. Bilal Bin Younus, Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz, Dr. Ibrar Ahmed, Prof. Khadija Irfan, Dr. Musarat Riaz, Prof. Saeed A Mahar, Dr. Syed Abbas Raza, Dr. Tasnim Ahsan and Dr. Zaman Shaikh. This initiative and effort by the team was lauded by the medical community across Pakistan.

“These guidelines designed by Pakistan Endocrine Society for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome are based on available local data along with scientific evidence available internationally,” said Professor Khurshid Khan. “Special consideration has been focused towards the affordability and availability of the medicines in Pakistan. These guidelines will bring breakthroughs in bringing uniform practice in the country,” he further added. He continued that special emphasis has been given by the committee to develop the concept of a multidisciplinary team for the management of the disease with key focus on nutrition, physical activity and awareness in these guidelines.

Type 2 diabetes is a pertinent issue in middle- and low-income countries and continues to rise as one of the most common health problems globally. The pressing health concern has profound consequences that can impact the society as a whole. Pakistan is ranked 4th globally in terms of prevalence of Diabetes and has an estimated prevalence of 90.4 million people diagnosed based on IDF data published in 2019.

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