Let’s Follow Science On Who Gets Vaccine

Ifind it ironic that now that we have a vaccine for COVID-19 that “science” will be thrown out the window when it comes to the order of who gets vaccine.

Let's follow science on who gets vaccine

By John Iavarone

No one is challenging that health care workers and long term care facility residents should be first in line.

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But after that it appears it will be who has the most political clout in Sacramento. What happened to vaccinating the most vulnerable – i.e. those with high risk medical conditions and those over 65?

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For months we have been told by science that these are extremely vulnerable individuals and that young people fare much better. However now “science” is being replaced with “essential” as defined by you guessed it unions, lobbyists and politicians.

Distribution is a no brainer if only we would adhere to the KISS principle – 1) health care workers and long-term care facility residents; 2) adults with high risk medical conditions; 3) people over 65; 4) people between 50-65; 5) people between 35-50; 6) people 18-35; Now that’s following science.

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