COVID-19 Claims 244 Lives During The Second Wave In Hazara

By The Coronavirus Has Reached 244 Where The Share Of District Abbottabad Was 139, Mansehra 41, Battagram 18, Haripur 46.

COVID-19 Claims 244 Lives During The Second Wave In Hazara

During the second wave of Coronavirus 244 people have lost lives in the Hazara division while the number of active cases were 250. According to the health department statistics, 113236 Coronavirus tests have been conducted in the Hazra division, 98200 were tested negative, 8556 were confirmed with COVID-19 and 8062 people have recovered in eight districts of the region. The total number of Covid-19 tests conducted in the Hazara division was 113236 where 35125 tests were conducted in district Abbottabad, 8130 district Battagram, 25005 district Haripur, 28314 district Mansehra, 3532 district Torghar, 5044 district Lower Kohistan and 2180 of Kolai Palis.

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In the Hazara division, a total number of COVID-19 negative was 98280 where 30933 were from district Abbottabad, 7366 district Battagram, 21561 district Haripur, 24956 district Mansehra, 2767 district Torghar, 4460 district Lower Kohistan and 1532 of Kolai Palis. Coronavirus test results of 6480 waited in all across Hazara division where 970 were from district Abbottabad, 209 district Battagram, 1459 district Haripur, 956 district Mansehra, 2767 district Torghar, 659 district Lower Kohistan and 615 from district Kolai Palis. The total number of deaths caused by the Coronavirus has reached 244 where the share of district Abbottabad was 139, Mansehra 41, Battagram 18, Haripur 46.

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