Renault 5 EV Combines Modern Technology With Classic Styling

Renault has unveiled a concept of the Renault 5 EV Prototype, and takes heavy design inspiration from the rally-bred hot hatch.

Ask any petrolhead about the best car that Renault has made, and they’ll most likely start babbling about the R5 Turbo, complete with its huge haunches and epic mid-mounted engine.

Renault has finally tapped into this enthusiasm, and has unveiled a concept which is dubbed the Renault 5 EV Prototype, and takes heavy design inspiration from the rally-bred hot hatch.

Described by the designer as “a modern approach to the popular and essential car, a cute, pin-sized city car taking one of Renault’s timeless successes to the future with a modern, 100-percent electric twist,” it’s obvious that Renault knows that it’s on the right track here.

A number of the original R5’s styling cues have been carried over to this EV concept, including the front fascia, widened wheel arches and fog lights which now are used as daytime running lights.

It’s also worth noting the offset bonnet intake which is now used as the charging hatch, the French flag on the wing mirrors, and the tail lights which have somehow incorporated aero flaps.

“The R5 is immediately recognizable, but thanks to a modern treatment of lines and flush surfaces with futuristic detailing (lights, front face…), the result is resolutely in the spirit of the current times.”

Unfortunately, there was no mention of the R5 EV’s powertrain, but the French brand did mention that it was designed as an electric car first and foremost, meaning that standard and performance variants could be availble.

To meet the brand’s strict EV plans, this Renault 5 EV will be joined by a Renault 4 when it goes on sale. In a perfect world, 30 per cent of sales will be electric by 2025, and these new models should play a big part in that.

Originally published at Driven

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