Sindh To Issue Benazir Mazdoor Card To Help 625,000 Labourers This Month

This month, the Sindh Government is going to issue the Benazir Mazdoor Card (BMC) to labourers in the province as a new automated mechanism for the registration of the industrial workers to provide them with facilities and privileges including healthcare services.

Sindh to issue Benazir Mazdoor Card to help 625,000 labourers this month

By Azeem Samar

Sindh Government’s Labour Department has availed the services of National Database and Registration Authority to issue the BMCs initially to 625,000 labourers registered with the Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institution.

Sindh Labour and Education Minister Saeed Ghani said the Benazir Mazdoor Card would provide a computerised mechanism to register the labourers in the province to replace the existing manual system for the purpose.

He said the computerised mechanism to register the labourers would detect and get rid of the pilferages and loopholes in the system to provide the labourers with the basic facilities.

He said that in the next phases of the campaign, the BMCs would be issued to the workers and labourers associated with the informal economy or those who were self-employed like the taxi drivers and pushcart vendors.

He said that a proper registration drive would be launched in the province to register all the labourers working in the province regardless of their job status.

The Labour minister said the issuance of the BMC was as much a pioneering work in the country for the welfare of the underprivileged people as much was the initiative to launch the Benazir Income Support programme by the government in the recent past.

Welfare and protection

He said that after Sindh other provinces in the country had to follow suit and adopt such a computerised mechanism to transparently register the workers.

He said the Sindh government had adopted 16 different laws to ensure welfare and protection of the rights of the labourers.

Saeed Ghani said the issuance of the BMC was in line with the manifesto of the Pakistan Peoples Party ruling in Sindh to provide the labourers with the due basic facilities.

He said the BMC would ensure provision of the healthcare and educational services to the families of the registered labourers in Sindh.

Originally published at Gulf news

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