55% Of Americans Worry More About Getting Hacked Than Murdered

24% Of Americans Are Anxious About Being Mugged, While 17% Of Individuals Report That They Worry About Getting Murdered

55% Of Americans Worry More About Getting Hacked Than Murdered

According to the Atlas VPN investigation, US citizens worry much more about getting hacked than being mugged or murdered. The top two spots reveal that cybercrime causes the lion’s share of worries for US citizens. Fraudsters can withdraw money, take out loans, empty checking accounts, and commit many other crimes by stealing a person’s identity.  As many as 72% of respondents frequently or occasionally lose sleep over having their personal, credit card, or financial information stolen by hackers. The second most agonizing crime that Americans tend to dwell on is being a victim of identity theft, at 66%. Identity theft is a type of cybercrime where criminals steal the victims’ personal information and commit fraud in the victim’s name.

Next up, data sheds light on how individuals are also troubled by thoughts about losing their physical goods. Over 35% of those surveyed reported that they often dwell on their home being burgled when they are not there (35%) and having their car stolen or broken into (34%). Finally, 24% of Americans are anxious about being mugged, while 17% of individuals report that they worry about getting murdered. “With headlines around the world being dominated by government security breaches, large enterprise data leaks, and similar cybersecurity issues, the concerns seem to be justified.”

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