Leonardo DiCaprio Sends Letter To Joe Biden

DiCaprio Highlighted That As We Recover From Covid-19 And Rebuild The Global Economy, We Shall Also Act On Climate Change.

Leonardo DiCaprio Sends Letter To Joe Biden

Titanic famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his stance on issues such as climate change. Just recently, he requested for immediate action required on The Paris Agreement from US President Joe Biden. DiCaprio turned to his Instagram and wrote, “The time for us to confront the climate crisis is now. Today, I join world leaders from business, government, labour and the environmental movement in calling on President Joe Biden (POTUS) to be the climate leader we need and that science demands.” In one of the multiple photos, the Hollywood heartthrob also shared a photo of a letter he had penned to Biden, asking him to take action after rejoining the Paris Agreement. “Congratulations! Your inauguration marks a turning point in history for the United States of America and for the world,” read the letter. “The task ahead is enormous: the need to tackle the devastating global health crisis and economic crises, and the need to unite Americans in doing so, is urgent,” he said.

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DiCaprio highlighted that as we recover from Covid-19 and rebuild the global economy, we shall also act on climate change. “In fact, these are not separate missions; they are one and the same. This is the most decisive decade in human history to confront the climate crisis,” he added. “You can be remembered as the ‘climate president’ who led humanity away from the cliff’s edge. You can transform the world’s energy systems from fossil fuels to clean energy, while also creating an abundance of jobs, reducing harmful pollution and tackling economic, racial, and health inequality in the process.” The Wolf of Wall Street star added that taking bold leadership will only allow for a better future for everyone. “By rejoining the Paris Agreement on day one, you have moved the United States in the right direction. But, as you have stated, it is simply not enough and we must ‘do all we possibly can’,” DiCaprio went on. “Our children and grandchildren must see this as the moment the world was saved.”

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