NS Tech: A Message To Our Readers

After Launching As A Standalone Technology Site In May 2016, Ns Tech Is Returning Home. From The End Of The Month, We Will No Longer Operate.

After launching as a standalone technology site in may 2016, ns tech is returning home. From the end of the month, we will no longer operate as a separate publication; instead, our coverage of the intersection of technology, business and politics will be incorporated into the New Statesman. Meanwhile, our reporting on IT and technology leadership stories will be folded into our new sister site, Tech Monitor.

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The changes come as part of a major investment in technology journalism across the New Statesman and the wider New Statesman Media Group. We have a growing team of reporters, economists, data scientists and data journalists underpinning our coverage of what we see as one of the defining forces of the 21st century.

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As part of the group’s changes, NS Tech editor Oscar Williams joins the New Statesman team, where he will help to build out the publication’s online technology coverage. Meanwhile, NS Tech reporter Laurie Clarke joins Tech Monitor and will also contribute to the New Statesman’s coverage. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and contributors, and hope you continue to enjoy our coverage of the industry both on the New Statesman and Tech Monitor in the months and years ahead.

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– The NS Tech team

This news was originally published at Newstatesman.

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