30 Brick-Kilns Sealed In Faisalabad

The AC Had Also Issued Warning To Owners Of Another 57 Brick-Kilns To Shift To The Environment-Friendly Zigzag Technology

30 Brick-Kilns Sealed In Faisalabad

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Jaranwala, Zain ul Abideen has sealed 30 brick-kilns over running without zigzag technology. A spokesman for the local administration said on Tuesday that AC Jaranwala, along with his team, checked 86 kilns in tehsil Jaranwala and found 30 kilns in functional condition without zigzag technology and emitting excessive smoke direct into the air. Therefore, the AC sealed these kiln houses and demolished their construction. The AC had also issued warning to owners of another 57 brick-kilns to shift to the environment-friendly zigzag technology otherwise their construction would be demolished besides registering cases against them. Meanwhile, the AC constituted seven teams for inspection of kilns in the tehsil.

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