NuvaWave Technology To Help Disinfect T.F. Green Airport

The T.F. Green airport has started using UVC technology to disinfect the airport especially high-touch areas for travelers called “NuvaWave.”

Travel has slowed down significantly since last year, but T.F. Green Airport tells 12 News they still want to make it as safe as possible for those who need to fly.

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T.F. Green has started using UVC technology to disinfect the airport especially high-touch areas for travelers called “NuvaWave.”

John Goodman, a spokesman for the airport, said the medical-grade technology will be used as a supplement to disinfect high-touch areas to ensure they’re germ-free.

He said the technology has been proven to kill the virus in a matter of seconds.

“Most people know ultraviolet light being generated by the sun. UVB and A actually causes sunburn, ultraviolet C light is usually blocked by the ozone layer but we can artificially create it with our LED light technology for a safe clean way to disinfect,” Goodman explained. “The ultraviolet C light is also known as ultraviolet C radiation. That radiation breaks down the DNA of viruses and germs and neutralizes them.”

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Goodman said the UVC technology is not only highly effective for the coronavirus, but for other viruses as well.

“The NuvaWave technology has been shown by a third party to neutralize 99.9% of all COVID-19 viruses and other viruses and germs as well. so we are very pleased to add this to our cleaning arsenal,” Goodman said.

Goodman said they hope the use of this new technology will make travelers feel safer as they slowly return to the skies.

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“We’re down about 67-70% from what we have seen in past years,” Goodman said. “Obviously, we understand the reasons why. We know it’s going to be a long slow process, it’s going to be quite a few years before we see a return to 2019 levels.”

Goodman said the new technology is being used in addition to the tools they’ve been using, which include a 360-degree disinfecting sprayer, spray guns and handrail-wiping mechanisms.

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