New Chrome 89 Update Can Open New Doors For You

Chrome 89 includes some great desktop and mobile features and NFC are enabled by default, which will make the browser much more interactive.

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, so when there’s a new version on the horizon – it’s big news. And the Californian company has just pushed out the beta for its next feature-packed update, version 89, and this sneak peek has shown the next big update includes some great desktop and mobile features. Most importantly, Chrome 89 beta near field communications (NFC) are enabled by default, which will make the browser much more interactive.

NFC is the tech used for transportation cards like an Oyster card and for contactless payments. It allows for wireless communication between two devices over a short distance. In practical terms, this being added by default to Chrome opens up a tonne of possibilities.

It would allow Chrome to be used to sign into buildings, or letting you tap your device on certain parts of an art museum or exhibition to find out more information on a particular topic.

When we’ll be able to take advantage of these features though remains to be seen with lockdown restrictions currently in place in the UK and other countries around the world. But whenever we will be able to take advantage of this feature it certainly is a great string to Chrome Android’s bow. And mobile users aren’t the only ones who will be getting a handy new feature with Chrome 89.

For those using the desktop browser on Windows or ChromeOS, Chrome 89 will make it easier to share content to social media. Better tools for sharing content on social media has already been introduced on the mobile apps between Chrome versions 61 and 75.

But Google has revealed these extra social tools will finally be making their way to desktop devices soon.

In a post online the search engine giant explained: “To allow users to easily share content on social networks, developers have manually integrated sharing buttons into their site for each social service.

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