Pakistan To Establish COMSATS Campus In Qandahar, Afghanistan

Pakistan wants to establish a campus of COMSATS in the Qandahar, Afghanistan, said Fawad Chaudhary, Minister for Science and Technology.

Pakistan wants to establish a campus of COMSATS in the Qandahar province of Afghanistan, said Fawad Chaudhary, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, at the Second Youth Entrepreneurs Conference held here.

Arranged by CRSS, the conference was aimed at providing young entrepreneurs from both countries an opportunity to share ideas and experiences. The Minister also assured Pakistan’s readiness to open almost all its universities to Afghan students who aspire to get their higher education in Pakistan along with establishment of scientific and incubation centres across Afghanistan, as only quality education and enlightenment can ensure a bright and secure futures.

He expressed the view that there is a huge onus on the youth of both countries to forget the bitter experiences of past and work together for a better future, which can only be achieved through innovation and learning from the past.

“Security and prosperity of Afghanistan and Pakistan are highly interconnected, so both countries should work together for their mutual benefits,” stated Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil.

He further added that some remarkable progress has been made through Pak-Afghan partnerships particularly through people-to-people interactions. He expressed hope that joint ventures of public and private sector will help in enhancing relations between the two countries. He also highlighted that importance of such meeting and youth’s voices in enhancing the bilateral trade ties between the two neighbours.

He further added that lasting and durable peace is the fundamental demand and desire of all Afghans and is possible only by reducing violence and a comprehensive ceasefire. Moreover, he added that the youth from both sides can play an important role in peace building, countering terrorism, and for the development of Afghanistan. He concluded with Pakistan’s desire for Afghanistan to progress, because progress in Afghanistan means progress in Pakistan. He stated that the only way forward for both the countries is by forgetting the bitter past experiences and moving forward by initiating youth joint ventures based on knowledge and wisdom.

In the second session, the young participants presented their start-up and business ideas to get critical reviews from fellow young entrepreneurs and the representatives from the National Incubation Centre (NIC). Participants from Pakistan and Afghanistan engaged in an interactive session and shared their experiences and journeys for the fellows to learn from. The day culminated in a visit to the NIC to gain some of these insights first hand.

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