Whatsapp new feature allows calls through desktop and Mac computers

Support for voice and video calls through its app dedicated to desktop and Mac computers has announced by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the giant US company for chat site via mobile devices, has announced support for voice and video calls through its app dedicated to desktop and Mac computers.

The move is aimed at providing encrypted calls from one end to the other for users of the “WhatsApp” operating system on desktop computers and mobile devices.

The idea of ​​voice and video calling is not new to WhatsApp, although operating system applications for mobile devices based on the Android and iOS operating systems already offer this feature, WhatsApp has begun to introduce the calling feature from the platform version. Computers for a small group of users by the end of last year on the desktop.

Like the current video calling feature, the new feature of the pre-final version of the site promises to provide the same encryption procedure from one end to the other, meaning that calls made on the platform can be heard without WhatsApp or the company that owns it.

However, there will be no conference call feature in the use of the site for office devices, initially limited to supporting individual calls from one party to another. However, WhatsApp has promised to expand this, including support for conference calls, without specifying a date.

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