Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets A New Online Reality Show By Bezlikiy On Twitch

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that may have come out back in 2021, nearly a decade ago, yet still enjoys incredible popularity. 


The game is especially popular in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) when it comes to the world of eSports. Mega influencer Bezlikiy has leveraged this popularity and created a brand new online reality show involving a professional eSports team living under one roof.

It has become very popular to watch other games play CS:GO on the world’s largest video streaming service, Twitch. In fact, within the past year, there have been over 759 million hours watched of gamers playing CS:GO on Twitch.

Nearly 17 million hours of gameplay have been logged, with 86,000 viewers watching a CS:GO livestream, on average. The official page for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Twitch has over 27 million followers.

Almost a million Twitch streamers have been showing off their gameplay, which all demonstrates just how popular this game still is after a decade since its release.

Bezlikiy has picked a popular game to use as the backdrop for his reality show, which will be streamed on Twitch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will follow the lives of a handful of professional CS:GO players who are all going to be living under the same roof.

Everything that is needed for a Real World and Big Brother type of reality show will be installed on the home, albeit with a modern upgrade to it. Given the buzz currently going around in the CS:GO gaming community, the show is sure to be a big hit.

The interest in eSports in the Commonwealth of Independent States is massive, making this show practically a guaranteed hit online in the CIS and around the world.

Currently, CS:GO is one of two major online games that eSports players focus on, the other being Dota 2. The immense number of players and fans in this region of the world made it a natural location for the show to be based in. Currently, CS:GO is in the top 10 in the CIS in the professional world of eSports and in the top 170 of online games worldwide.

The broadcasts of this new reality show by Bezlikiy are going to bring the reality TV concept to the gaming world for the first time in history in this way. Living under one roof for a predefined period of time and showing off what a day in the life of a professional eSports gamer playing CS:GO is something that people are excited to see.

Bezlikiy is excited about the success of the show given how novel of a concept it is and how much buzz it is already generating in online gaming communities. He believes that it could spawn more shows similar to it based on other popular online games plays in eSports.

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