Pakistani Gamer Arslan Ash Wins International Tekken 7 Competition

Pakistani gamer Arslan Ash Siddique has won the International WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (WUFL) Tekken 7 tournament.

Pakistani gamer Arslan Ash wins international Tekken 7 competition

Speaking about his win the 25-year-old said he feels lucky to win the event and is grateful for the support of his family and friends.

“I send my praises to Allah, and I am very grateful for the hospitality and generosity of all the organizers, staff and players,” Pakistani gamer Arslan Ash Siddique said in a tweet announcing his win.

“I feel so lucky and happy to win this amazing event for Tekken 7 in 2021! Thank you to my friends, family and supporters around the world. Thank you to my friends, family and supporters around the world.”

In the final showdown, Ash went head to head against Pakistani player Awais Honey and won the title with a 5:2 score on the board.

Ash won a grand prize of $15,000 for his victory, while the runner-up Awais Honey recieved $10,000, and bronze-medalist JDCR recieved $8,000.

Siddique has been a part of the Fighting Game Community (FGC) for some time now but he rose to fame after defeating Jae-Min “Knee” Bae at the grand final of the 2019 Evolution Championship Series (EVO).

He is also the only player to have won in the EVO Championship Japan as well as its American counterpart in the same year.

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