What The Octopus Can Teach Us About The World

The octopus is known as one of the smartest animals in the sea. News 8 looks into what they can teach us about our own world

What the octopus can teach us about the world

Just off the Southwestern shores of South Africa, Filmmaker Craig Foster dove into the icy waters of the pacific nearly every day to document his a relationship with a wild octopus. 

The film that follows, My Octopus Teacher showed an intimate connection between man and animal. 

The film won widespread critical acclaim and was awarded best documentary at this year’s Oscars.

Because the film put a spotlight on these amazing creatures, I wanted to learn more about the Octopuses. So I reached out a tentacle to the Living Coast Discovery Center where I was able to talk to animal care specialist Aiyana Reissman on what she’s seen in the two, two-spot octopuses that they keep. 

“He’s not quite as interested or as motivated to work with a food toy as our female is,” says Reissman holding a yellow toy in the tank of their male octopus “She’s very keen on figuring things out. He’s more of a recluse.”

The octopus is known as one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, in order to them active and stimulated is to give them puzzles like twisting opening this toy for the food inside.

“When it comes to interacting with their environment or even manipulate their environment, they take the cake.”

Their intelligence can being so high, Octopus’s in zoo’s and aquariums around the world have been known to escape from their enclosures. Which is why Reissman keeps weight on the lid of female’s tank.

Octopuses can be found in many different areas around San Diego, they especially like rocky tide pools on the coast. These amazing cephalopods are just another reason why it’s important to protect our ocean waters.

“They have an amazing ability to see things visually and send vibrations in the water,” says Reissman “I think it’s so amazing just how they have so many different ways to interact with their environments. It’s very similar to how we interact with our environment. “

The Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista is now open on weekends.

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