Safety Should Be Top Priority In Production Of Quality Vehicles, Shibli

The Federal Government Is Keen To Set International Standards For Production Of Quality Vehicles In Country With Priority To Their Safety.

By Imran Ayub

The Federal Government Is Keen To Set International Standards For Production Of Quality Vehicles In The Country With Priority To Their Safety And In This Regard It Has Given A Special Task To The Pakistan Standards And Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz while talking to reporters after visiting the PSQCA headquarters here said that the authority was bringing reforms in its functioning and soon its results would be seen on the ground.

“We have devised a special strategy for quality production of vehicles and [keeping] safety as our first priority,” he said. “The PSQCA is already working on these lines and would further focus on this area. The authority keeps an eye on quality of some 166 products and all these are directly linked with common man’s life. We would bring more reforms and excellence in its working for better quality of all these products,” he said.

He said the government was focussing on technological support to bring transparency and enhance standards in key areas of daily life and PSQCA had an important role in this regard.

Asks PPP to refrain from vindictive policies towards political opponents

Meets opposition leader in PA

Earlier, Mr Faraz visited the office of Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh and said that he was pleased to see the assembly which had played a crucial role in the creation of Pakistan. He thanked Mr Sheikh for inviting him. Speaking to media, the federal minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was the man who always treated all the federating units alike and dispelled the impression created by the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership that he and the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government were least interested towards issues of Sindh.

He said that it was a matter of deep concern that the PPP government in Sindh, despite getting enough funds from the federal government, had done nothing to provide relief to the people, who according to him, were facing hardships even in getting drinking water. Mr Faraz said that it was the responsibility of the provincial government to provide basic amenities of life. He lamented that the PPP despite ruling Sindh for the past 13 years had miserably failed to provide modern facilities to the people of the province.

“It is a matter of concern that Sindh is lagging far behind in development as compared to other provinces” he added, holding PPP rulers responsible for the poor state of affairs in Sindh. He said that the PTI government had earmarked huge funds for various districts of the province. He added that they would also bring change in the damaged infrastructure of Karachi.

Expresses concerns over water crisis in city

“The people of Karachi gave us huge mandate during the previous general elections so it is our responsibility to launch projects in the city so that people could benefit,” he said and added it was a matter of deep concern that various localities of Karachi were facing water crisis. He said that he was shocked to learn that the supply of water of the constituency of Mr Sheikh was stopped on the orders of the Sindh chief minister. He asked the PPP to refrain from such vindictive policies towards its political opponents.

Mr Faraz said that by carrying out more schemes and projects in Karachi and other districts of Sindh they would not win more seats from Karachi but from other districts since the people of Sindh had already become sick of the corrupt and incompetent rulers. He said that the tigers of PM Imran Khan were fighting against the rampant corruption and those involved in such ugly practices. He said that it was a misconception and propaganda that Sindh’s water was being stolen by other provinces and asked the PPP to mend their ways and ensure availability of water to farmers of the province in a fair manner. He said that PTI leaders and workers had always raised their voice for the real issues of Sindh.

This news was originally published at Dawn.

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