Study: Pfizer Vaccine Works Against Gamma Variant

A group of researchers says it expects the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to work against the Gamma variant, first identified in Brazil.

Study: Pfizer vaccine works against Gamma variant

The group led by Kawaoka Yoshihiro, project professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science, published the study in a US science journal.

The researchers gave the Gamma variant to hamsters that were previously infected with the original coronavirus. They found trace amounts of the variant in the hamsters’ noses three days later, but none on the sixth day.

With hamsters that had no history of the coronavirus, the researchers detected the variant even on the sixth day.

The group also confirmed that people who have received the Pfizer vaccine carry antibodies that are almost as effective against the variant as the original virus.

The group said the findings provide key information for assessing the risk of the Gamma vari.

Professor Kawaoka said that though the group found the vaccine to be effective against the Gamma variant, people should still follow basic anti-infection measures to protect themselves.

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