Best Tips on How to Start a YouTube Channel

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms that attracts billions of users every month. Therefore, it is the best platform to launch a lucrative online career as a content creator.

Setting up a channel on YouTube is not a demanding process as you only need an email address.

However, growing your channel is a challenging process that many creators find overwhelming. With cheap YouTube views, you can make this process much easier than starting without help. Then, you can apply the most effective and proven tips to your content. This way, you will start attracting the attention of your target audience and you will gain a lot of new subscribers.

In this article, you are going to discover the best tips that will help you start an awesome YouTube channel. Remember that you can always buy cheap YouTube views to help your content reach the users you want.

Tip 1: Try Unique Video Ideas

YouTube is such a big platform that at the moment there are millions of active channels. This means that your target audience has a lot of available options to choose from. The only way to make these users choose your content is to find original ideas that stand out from your competitors’ content. For example, there are a lot of recipes for chicken fingers, but there aren’t any videos that show the recipe for the chicken fingers from the show “Community”. Once you have figured out your unique take, buy cheap YouTube views to let users discover it.

Tip 2: Discover What Your Audience Likes

If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to create content that your target audience likes to watch, depending on your niche. Visit the top channels on your niche and find out which videos tend to get the most views and likes. Moreover, search for specific keywords relevant to your content to find out what videos pop up first in the search results. This way, you will get a deep understanding of the most successful content that you need to recreate to start getting subscribers. With cheap YouTube views, you can then approach the audience you seek.

Tip 3: Adopt a Consistent Aesthetic

One thing that you need to keep in mind is the way that your content looks. Your aesthetic is a big part of your brand and an element that might attract a huge number of subscribers. For this reason, try to be as consistent as possible when it comes to your aesthetic. Viewers should immediately know that they are watching your content, just from the look of your video. If you also buy cheap YouTube views for your content, then you have better chances at convincing these users to subscribe to your channel.

Tip 4: Learn How to Create Irresistible Thumbnails

A great and eye-catching thumbnail is often the deciding factor that will make a user click on a video and not on another. It is the element that makes your content stand out when it appears in search results. For this reason, you need to invest the time to learn how to create thumbnails that are irresistible. Try to use contrasting colors and elements that draw the eyes on the image. Moreover, include exaggerated reactions to pique the viewers’ interest. In any case, cheap YouTube views will bring your thumbnail to more users.

Tip 5: Check Your YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a tool that you need to use as much as you can. In reality, it is your blueprint for your channel’s success. There, you will find invaluable information about the progress of your content, such as your overall watch time and audience retention. If you find that something is not working in your videos, then you can try different things. Then, by checking your analytics, you can evaluate your efforts’ success. This is a constant process that will only make your channel better.

Tip 6: Take Advantage of Your Social Media

One of the biggest challenges for any content creator is the promotion of his videos. Nevertheless, you already are using the perfect tools to bring your videos to your target audience. First of all, you can visit Stormviews to buy cheap YouTube views that will boost the engagement of your content. Moreover, you can utilize your already active social media platforms. The audience you have accumulated there will be interested in your content since you already have an online relationship with them.

Tip 7: Interact with Your Audience

A great way to convince users to subscribe to your channel is to show your amazing bond with your subscribers. To do that, you need to interact with your audience and highlight the best parts of it. For example, you can answer the first 100 comments you receive in your videos. This way, users will try to comment as soon as they can so that you pick them. Moreover, you can do a comment or subscriber shoutout in your videos so that you give users more reasons to follow your channel. 

Tip 8: Get as Many Collaborations as Possible

If you have been on the platform for long, you already know that collaborations have been a steady source of subscribers for every creator. The collaborations will bring your content to more users interested in your niche, while you are also creating videos that your existing subscribers will love. However, to get collaborations that will actually be beneficial to you, you need to buy cheap YouTube views to show that your content is worth checking out.

Tip 9: Create a Surplus of Content for Rainy Days

One of the most common pieces of advice you will get is that you need to post frequently. This is very true as it will only help you grow your channel. However, at times you might face some difficulties that will stop you from uploading new content. This issue can be easily fixed by creating one or two videos for these rainy days.


With these tips, you can start growing your online community. If you want immediate results, then cheap YouTube views from Stormviews are essential to you.  

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