National Skills University Islamabad Employees And Students Get Vaccinated

Employees and students at the National Skills University Islamabad were given an opportunity to get vaccinated at the university premises.

National Skills University Islamabad Employees and Students getVaccinated.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar thanked the members of the District Health Officer vaccination team including Dr. Zaeem Zia and Mr. Akash Ali.

According to him comfortable living in current times is staying safer from the COVID-19 causing viral infection. He said that vaccination make human immune system ready to fight with virus invading the human body.

The importance of vaccination has been more pronounced due to recent reports that people getting COVID-19 are prone to long COVID disorder that is more dangerous and impacting our daily lives.

Prof. Mukhtar thanked NSU Islamabad, employees, students, and visitors who respected standard operating procedures in place in the university to stop viral transmission.

Worth mentioning here is that National Skills University Islamabad is working with the Bay & River College, Calgary Canada for implementing Infection Prevention Control practices at workplaces and hospitals.

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