Pakistan Did Not Break Any World Record

Fake news circulated on the internet claiming that an 18-month-old Pakistani child has broken Guinness World Record.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

An 18-month-old child has been perceived as the “youngest to identify the maximum number of items” and has been granted a testament of “extraordinary grasping power genius kid.”

As indicated by subtleties, Mohammad Ayad, the record holder, perceived an astounding 283 items remembering shapes and animals for three minutes.

The improvement has likewise been broadly detailed across various online media stages as “a 18-month old Pakistani child has established another Guinness World Record for identifying the greatest number of things.” Unquestionably, perceiving an enormous of items at such an age is a great accomplishment.

Nonetheless, the record is being distorted on social media in Pakistan in light of the fact that the child is not Pakistani, and he has not established a Guinness World Record.

A brief glance at the photo above shows that the child has been perceived as the “youngest child to distinguish the greatest number of things” by Kalam’s World Records. For the uninformed, Kalam’s World Records is an India-based association whose essential point is to feature the world records set or broken by Indian residents as it were.

Subsequently, it very well may be securely presumed that the child is not from Pakistan, and he has not set any Guinness World record. This has been confirmed by the experts on the cataloging and verification of world records.

The internet news industry has a huge responsibility. Verification of the news is much more important than breaking it earlier to the world. This not only has a negative impact on the authenticity of the news publisher but also ruins the image of the organization.

And for those who perceive internet received news as authentic, they are requested to confirm that immediately before spreading it to a larger audience. This is a part of media literacy, and everyone should be literate enough to distinguish between fake and reliable media outlets.

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