Wireless Charging Technology Expected To Power 1 Billion Smartphones

The Number Of Wireless Charging Technology Enabled Smartphones In Use Globally May Reach 1 Billion Units By The End Of 2021.

By Ding Yi

The Number Of Wireless-Charging Enabled Smartphones In Use Globally May Reach 1 Billion Units By The End Of 2021, with handset-makers like Xiaomi and Samsung contributing to the adoption of the technology, which hit the scene about a decade ago. That was an estimate by research firm Strategy Analytics, which said in a report that wireless charging has increasingly become a common feature of premium smartphones since the technology’s first application in handsets in 2012.

The Asia-Pacific region will become the biggest market for smartphones powered by wireless charging technology in 2021, accounting for 49% of the global total, followed by North America with 21% and Western Europe with 16%, according to the report. China, whose middle class is growing fast, is expected to be a key market for such smartphones, with the country’s handset giants including Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei having rolled out their own wireless charging technologies.

For example, Xiaomi unveiled in October 2020 a wireless charging system that can top-up one of the most common battery types in just 19 minutes, far faster than its 2018 version. Xiaomi went further in February this year with the introduction of over-the-air wireless charging system Mi Air Charge, which can remotely charge multiple devices simultaneously within a radius of several meters.

“Smartphone vendors, particularly those in China, are introducing more advanced charging solutions, such as Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge,” said Strategy Analytics senior analyst Wu Yiwen, predicting the Asia-Pacific will remain the single largest market for wireless charging solutions for the foreseeable future.

This news was originally published at Caixing Global.

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