HarmonyOS 2 Exceeds 25 Million Upgrades In 1 Month, Added 7 Million Users In Last 15 Days

According to a Chinese research firm, as of now, HarmonyOS 2 has installed on 69 models, and there’s more to come. Most interestingly, HarmonyOS 2 upgrade has reached 25 million smartphone owners in just one month as the number still counting.

HarmonyOS 2 exceeds 25 million upgrades in 1 month, added 7 million users in last 15 days

By Deng Li

This is a major development and the testing of HarmonyOS remains inside China, while the global roadmap is yet to announce.


HarmonyOS was unveiled on June 2, and with this unveiling, Huawei entered a new era of smartphone software that includes a chain of interconnection capabilities powered by distributed technology.

However, June 2 was just the beginning and the Chinese company then initiated the beta testing with different devices. The first batch of public beta included Huawei P40, Mate 40, Mate 30, MatePad Pro series devices.


Within one week of launch, Harmony OS 2 upgrade crossed the 10 million mark. Following the interval of 15 days, the cumulative number of users who have upgraded to HarmonyOS 2.0 has exceeded 18 million.

Among these, the public beta version has reached over 15.5 million and the internal beta version on 2.8 million devices. Huawei users who installed HarmonyOS 2.0 accounts for 7.75% of the first batch of beta testers, of which, the upgrade rate of the public beta version was 17.61% and the internal beta version was 1.91%.

Furthermore, the first batch of devices that initially joined the public beta – Huawei Mate 40 Pro and Mate X2, both performed well in terms of upgrades. Among these, Mate X2 foldable pone has the highest rate of the upgrade, which reaches 32.82%, on the other hand, the Mate 40 Pro counts 30%.

Originally published at Huawei central

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