Red Rose Can Be More Profitable With Mechanical Flower Dehydrator

Red Rose Most Cultivated Flower Among Rose Family In Punjab, Its Export In Dried Petals Form More Profitable By Mechanical Flower Dehydrator.

By Umer Jamshaid

Red Rose Is The Most Cultivated Flower Among The Rose Family In Punjab And Its Export In Dried Petals Form Can Be More Profitable By Utilizing Mechanical Flower Dehydrator Method.

Agriculture spokesman in a statement on Friday said that red rose has attained the status of cash crop which covers almost 7000 acres area in Punjab. It gives good production in February, March and its availability in abundance during this time reduces the price of fresh roses and petals. To get good returns, most the farmers export it to lucrative world markets in dried petals form where these are used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry.

Demand for the red roses was rising by each passing day. Although fresh petals are also used to prepare rose extract (Arq-e-Gulab) and Gul-Qand, a mixture of fresh rose petals and sweetener, but dried rose petals can be more profitable, the spokesman said. Suitable varieties for red rose sowing included Scentifolia and Demasena.

Dried rose petals are mostly being exported to Japan and European countries. However, most of the farmers still use traditional techniques to dry rose petals which compromise quality. Spokesman suggested that farmers should use mechanical flower dehydrator instead. He disclosed that Horticulture Research Station for Floriculture and Landscaping Multan has installed demonstration plant to introduce this technology in South Punjab and enable farmers to avail the opportunity and get rose petals dried up under a modern mechanism that preserves the quality.

This technology takes lesser time in drying up the flower petals and does not destroy flowers’ natural colour. Moreover, the chemical ingredients also remain intact after the process. The process was not weather-dependent meaning that it can be done during any weather conditions and brings 1.5 times higher the returns farmers or exporters get in case of applying traditional technique.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point.

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