Delta Variant Causes Havoc In Karachi City, Pakistan

Karachi reports a large number of delta variant cases, which makes the situation of COVID-19 in the city extremely dangerous, alarming and serious, for some health professionals. I warned that it was the cause of my concern.

Delta variant causes havoc in Karachi city, Pakistan

Delta Variant Causes Havoc In Karachi City, Pakistan : The city is facing a shortage of beds, and several medical organizations have advised the state government to impose health emergencies on the city, Gulf News reported.

Dr. Abdul Bali, CEO of Indus Hospital Karachi, said:

Senator Murtaza Khan, an adviser to Sindh’s Prime Minister, said the situation at COVID-19 in Karachi was extremely dangerous and alarming, raising serious concerns among state health officials. Stated.

“The city’s positive rate rose to 23.12 percent in just 24 hours, but was 8.5-9 percent 10 days ago,” said Murtaza Khan, an adviser to Sindh’s prime minister.

The COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is not followed by people. As Eid al-Adha approaches, it is very dangerous, alarming, and concerned about the city’s situation, Murtaza Wahab said.

Pakistan reported 2,145 cases of coronavirus on Tuesday. The total number of cases of coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 991,727 COVID-19 cases, and the total number of deaths of COVID-19 has reached 22,848.

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