6 Eccentric SevenFriday Watches That Are Worth Your Money

There are several watch brands you can buy in the market, with high-quality and high-precision watches. You can buy from high-end brands like Rolex and Omega or Girard-Perregaux and Grand Seiko.


These brands produced watches that are proven and tested because they have been in the watchmaking industry for over a century. But we know a watch brand that produced high-quality watches comparable to other high-end brands, but still new in the watchmaking industry. That is SevenFriday.


SevenFriday can compete in the watch industry among massive and well-known brands. They produced eccentric and interesting watches. Their watches’ unique and fascinating features are what make them so appealing to watch collectors and experts. If you want unique watches, SevenFriday should be your go-to watch brand. Are you having thoughts of buying one? Here are 6 SevenFriday watches that are worth your money.

The History of SevenFriday

Daniel Nierder, an entrepreneur, founded SevenFriday in 2012, intending to do something he finally likes. He began planning the establishment in 2008 and 2009 while living in Bangkok, but it was not until he returned to Switzerland that he brought it to fruition with his partner. Daniel Nierder spent ten years reorganizing companies in places such as Sydney, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore that distributed luxury products, including Swiss watches. He started SevenFriday with the designer, Arnaud Duval. They established SevenFriday with the idea of living as if every day was Friday. 


SevenFriday is now available in 90 countries, and the brand is becoming increasingly well-known. You can find SevenFriday AG in Switzerland, but they predominantly set up their watches in Asia. The majority of SevenFriday watches incorporate Miyota calibers, a Japan-made movement, from a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Company. Daniel Nierder utilises social media. SevenFriday was the first watchmaker to use Instagram to promote its products. As of April 2021, it is a verified account with over 317,000 Instagram followers.

  • SevenFriday P-Series Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch P2B/02

One of the pleasingly good watches in the P-Series is the P2B/02. If you take a look at this watch, it is somewhat familiar. SevenFriday takes inspiration from bank vaults during the industrial revolution, with armored walls and carefully fashioned door locks. If you want a sporty watch, this is the perfect watch for you. The P2B/02 has a square-shaped black dial framed by stainless steel sandblasted black PVD bezel with yellow gold and black hands and hour markers. The PB2/2 watch has a Miyota caliber 82S7 automatic movement and a power reserve of about 40 hours. 

  • SevenFriday Racing Team Automatic Yellow Skeleton Dial Watch P3B/03

One of the best-selling watches in the SevenFriday P-Series is the P3B.03. The P3B/03 stands out from the rest of the timepieces because of its vivid yellow and black color scheme. This watch features a black stainless steel case with an extra black silicone animation ring, taking inspiration from the world of racing. It features a skeleton dial, and you can use it for a variety of purposes. This watch is surely one of a kind! The dial of the SevenFriday P3B/03 has five layers of carbon fiber and gunmetal, with yellow and grey accents.

  • SevenFriday V-Series Stainless Steel Watch V2/01

If you want a unique-looking watch, you will love the SevenFriday V2/01 watch. SevenFriday designed this classic watch with great adaptability and usage, with its skeleton dial covering a variety of functions. The V2/01 has a polished stainless steel casing with sandblasted and vertically brushed finishing. It also has a versatile yet accurate design inspired by barometers on industrial equipment. This watch is popular among men, so you better get this for yourself or if you are a girl, get this for your boyfriend. 

  • SevenFriday P-Series Orange Carbon P3C/09

Watch enthusiasts know SevenFriday company for making strong statements and for their love of color. This Brand is now urging you to take vitamin C! And you can only find that vitamin C in Sevenfriday’s new Orange Carbon. This P3C/09 watch features a big casing. SevenFriday P3C/09’s durability is on top because of the Carbon Fiber material used to make this timepiece. The carbon fiber also used in the bezel and animation ring distinguishes the square case in black PVD steel. The orange line across the bezel builds on a fiber resin, while the case back, crown, and clasp is black PVD steel. This watch has the “7F” signature engraved on the side of the crown. 

  • SevenFriday S-Series Rhodium Dial Automatic Watch S1/01

The S1/01 watch reflects a brand’s ambition for its fans to experience its exceptional craftsmanship, with an emphasis on sustainability. This wristwatch focuses on clean industries, with recycling at the heart of their inspiration, including the translucent number 7 recyclable animation ring. The Industrial model from SevenFriday is a beautiful watch. This watch is transparent, where you can see the watch’s highly contrasting metallic blue PVD structural screws emphasizing its ‘industrial’ title and the dynamic instrument as a constant reminder to clean technology without sacrificing the brand’s core aesthetics.

  • SevenFriday S-Series Automatic Silver Dial Watch S2/01

Of course, we have one of the most popular watches of SevenFriday, which is the S2/01. This watch features a rectangular shape with curved edges and a multilayered metallic dial. It also has a spoke-like rim and a wide rhodium minute hand, as well as a distinctive antique brass hour hand. They used quality Superluminova to fill the watch’s two markers, which provides long-lasting brightness and ensures that the watch works even at night. The Miyota 82S5 self-winding movement in the 47mm SevenFriday S2/01 has a 40-hour power reserve in addition to outstanding accuracy.



Because of its unusual design and avant-garde style, the brand has altered the way we look at wrist watches since 2012. I’m sure you have reached this part because you are curious about these watches. Don’t worry! We made sure that these watches are definitely worth a purchase. SevenFriday is worth adding to your collection. Get these eccentric watches at WatchShopping.com, where you can find other watch collections from the company SevenFriday.

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