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China Introduces World’s First Environment Friendly Nuclear Reactor

China has planned to introduce the world’s first ‘Green’ nuclear reactor by September 2021.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

The world has been moving to a greener future making it safe for future generations to live. Emissions from nuclear power plants are one of the most prominent pollutants on the planet. To tackle such situation China is planning to introduce the world’s first ‘Green’ nuclear reactor. A team of Chinese researchers has revealed the science behind green nuclear reactors proving it to be an environment friendly solution for harmful emissions from reactors. The reactor wont be using water for cooling.

The plan incorporates a molten salt reactor that is fueled by liquid thorium rather than uranium, making the reactor more secure in case of a leakage. Thorium based reactors are also radioactive and harmful. But when comparing them to uranium based nuclear reactors, they are considered a safer option. Reactions in a thorium-based reactor can be easily stopped as the operation does not have to take place under extreme pressures. Their waste is less radioactive and much shorter lived being as excellent choice for saving the environment.

At the point when finished, the trials of the reactor could begin as right on time as September 2021. In case they are effective, China might construct these reactors in the nations that have pursued the Belt and Road Initiative since thorium (when compared with uranium) can’t be utilized to deliver nuclear weapons.

Since the project has just started it will only be delivering 2 MW power in its testing stages. But the Chinese government has planned to upscale the project to a commercial level nuclear reactor providing energy to a greater region by 2030.

China is home to world’s largest thorium reserves making it feasible to utilize the chemical for commercial usage. Research claims that these reserves are enough to serve the country for more than 20,000 years.

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