Novel Drone Mobile Engineering in Smart Phones

The engineering of mobile phones to Fly like Drones; Drone Mobile Engineering is novelty and Innovation in SmartPhone industries around the world

By Arsalan Ahmad

The biggest innovation in the engineering of mobile phones is novel drone mobile engineering. We don’t even dream about that.

What is Drone Mobile Engineering in Smart Phones?

Drones mobile is the biggest innovation happening in Smart Phones due to novel engineering. In what we called the biggest breakthrough in the smartphones industry now finally, have a phone that can fly and click. A drone mobile that can ever change the technology and applications of phones. It is considered the biggest disruption in the smartphone industry around the world.  

Companies Commercializing Drone Mobile Technology

Since the year 2017, many industries like L.G, Vivo are working to develop drone phones that can fly. Finally, L.G has developed a drone phone (named 505 by LGU+). Finally, It consists of two very slimline propellers. In a drone, mobile engineering on the rear of the phone is that will allow the phone to act like a drone.

What is the need for Drone Mobiles?

Why would we need a drone phone you may ask; the answer is simple. If you want to click your selfie from a distance it can, if you want to hover at yourself at night in dark it can.

Applications of Drone Mobiles

These drone mobiles allow us to capture the perfect selfie, at that instance. As the concept’s promotional video shows but we can do some hands-free skype calling to our loved ones, get the perfect group photo or simply capture all day to day adventure activities like bungee jumping. It also almost removes the danger of breakage as it returns to hands; when it falls or is dropped down. The most confusing and amazing feature of the novel engineering phone is the ‘moving theatre mode’. This is demonstrated by a man lying on a couch watching a film; who seems to need to be constantly moving his head to be able to keep his eyes on the floating and moving phone screen.

Future Applications of Drone Mobile

The Future of this new drone technology is quite amazing because of its help in our daily chores. In short, novel engineering is making our lives smarter and easier. In few years the competition in technology will help user-friendly devices along with commercialization. This would be the biggest change-maker in our societies.

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