Pak Engineer Acclaims In Finland To Lead Cutting-Edge Tech Program

Husnain Tanweer Kazmi Wins Finland’s Acclamation And Is Mandated To Lead Country’s One Of Most Lucrative Cutting-Edge Tech Programme

Pak Engineer Acclaims In Finland To Lead Cutting-Edge Tech Program

Pakistan’s one of engineering intellect Husnain Tanweer Kazmi wins Finland’s acclamation and is mandated to lead country’s one of the most innovative and lucrative cutting-edge tech programme, associated with the field of energy storage. Pakistan’s pride Kazmi is heading the Northern European country‘s high end energy storage technology development project at Teraloop, an area globally known for revolutionary initiatives towards energy storage solutions.

Talking to this news agency via telephone Syed Husnain Kazmi shared some details about his initiative and said project consortium, named SMARAGDI, is a joint effort of Tampere University (TAU) and five Finnish companies, 3DStep, Teraloop, Ramentor, Meluta, and Luvata. This Finland’s one of the most advanced technological initiatives, is worth around two million Euros funded by Business Finland and has the potential to revolutionize energy storage, Kazmi informed. Syed Husnain, a graduate of UET Taxila, earned a master’s degree in Electrical Power and Energy Engineering from Aalto University, is known fort his stellar work in development of a measurement system for very fast high voltage impulses used to quantify effects of lightning on power grids. To a question “how do you present Pakistan their?” he said I am representing the core national values of hardworking and integrity and tell my colleagues that Pakistan is the land of people who really put in blood and sweat in achieving top notch results. He said his colleagues know him as the “Crazy Pindi Boy” which he happily wears as a medal. Kazmi is also concerned about Pakistan’s energy needs and said Pakistan was blessed where renewable energy was in abundant, there are lots of avenues where we could add amazing value. ”I would love to help universities, government bodies and organizations in Pakistan to develop capacity in demand modern technologies ” Kazmi said he wanted to serve his homeland and was ready to run extra mile. In his message to the Pakistani youth over his success and achievements, he said Pakistani graduates have a lot of potential in the field of engineering and “I advise them to be multidisciplinary and don’t remain stick to one field as energy storage, electric vehicles and power engineering are all co-related future fields to excel.” “I always encourage going beyond the obvious”, he concluded on these motivational remarks.

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