Royal Caribbean: Pass Boarding Process Easily With Smart ID Engine

The Smart ID Engine Has Benefited Both Passengers And Employees. The Former Get To Enjoy A Smoother Guest Experience

Royal Caribbean: Pass Boarding Process Easily With Smart ID Engine

The Royal Caribbean Group has partnered with Smart Engines to streamline the boarding process for people taking its cruises. The company is specifically using the Smart ID Engine to scan people’s travel documents when they arrive at the boarding terminal. The partnership also allows Royal Caribbean passengers to check in before departure. People can use the same Smart ID Engine to scan their travel documents before they leave their homes, which in turn helps expedite the screening process at the ship itself. According to Royal Caribbean, the Smart ID Engine has benefited both passengers and employees. The former get to enjoy a smoother guest experience, while the latter no longer need to spend as much time on document scans and can devote more of their energies to their primary customer service responsibilities. “By leveraging Smart Engines Smart ID Engine technology, we have been able to advance the guest arrival experience by removing friction, and by simplifying the experience at home and at the terminal,” said Royal Caribbean Product VP Tim Klauda.

“Royal Caribbean Group strives to provide the best cruise experience to its guests and we share this same goal,” added Smart Engines Founder and CEO Vladimir Arlazarov. “Entering the cruise industry with the world’s leading cruise line is an important milestone for Smart Engines. We would like to thank Royal Caribbean Group for trusting us.” The news comes roughly a week after Smart Engines announced that its document recognition platform could now read the new biometric ID cards that are being introduced in Europe. The company is currently working with NEC de Colombia to enable biometric onboarding in Peru, while iDenfy integrated Smart Engines’ tech into its own onboarding platform in December. Royal Caribbean, meanwhile, is building a new biometric terminal in Galveston, Texas. That terminal is set to open in November of 2022, and will use facial recognition to verify the identities of cruise passengers.

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