Climate Change Causes Extreme Weather For Mountain Communities In GB

Mountain Communities In GB Had Hardest Hit By Climate Change, Adding, International Community Should Play A Role In Tackling Climate Change

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid Thursday said due to severe weather and absence of alternative energy resources, the glaciers and mountains in GB were causing deforestation which was having a negative impact on climate change. He said this in a meeting with European Union (EU) Head of Operations Ovidiu Mic and Development Advisor Roberto Aparicio. He said mountain communities in GB had been hardest hit by climate change, adding that the international community should play a role in tackling climate change. He said international financial institutions needed to work in GB more than other provinces. He said the role of the EU in the development of GB was commendable adding EU further support was needed for policy making, construction and development.

The chief minister said reforms were being introduced to improve the system of public service delivery and governance as in that regard the Sony Jowari Center for Public Policy had been set up which would provide one window facilities to international institutions. He said they were ensuring equitable distribution of resources so that construction and development of all areas was possible. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had approved a development package of Rs370 billion for the construction and development of the GB under which mega projects were being constructed in energy, road infrastructure, tourism, health, education, information technology and other sectors which would improve the quality of life. He said policy had been formulated for the construction of micro hydraulic power projects in remote areas to overcome the power crisis in the region.

The GB chief minister said the community development was one of the government’s top priorities. He said transparency had been ensured in all the sectors and real time monitoring system had been introduced for the monitoring development projects. On the occasion, the EU delegation said the government of GB was moving in a positive direction and all possible cooperation would be extended to the government of GB in other areas including policy making, climate change prevention and human development. The meeting focused on poverty alleviation in GB, reduction of malnutrition, capacity building of departments, technical support for Sony Jowari Center for Public Policy, development of other remote areas including district Diamer, food security and other social and economic sectors.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point

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