Total Parco Launches Pakistan’s First EV Charger In Lahore

Total Parco Inaugurated Pakistan’s First EV Charger At Packages Mall Lahore. The Inauguration Was Held By The CEO Of TOTAL PARCO

Total Parco has inaugurated Pakistan’s First EV charger at Packages Mall Lahore. The inauguration was held by the CEO of TOTAL PARCO Mehmet Celepoglu, Managing Director PARCO Shahid Mehmood Khan, CEO Packages Mall Khurram Raza Bakhtayari and other dignitaries. Present at one of the prime locations in the city of Lahore, this initiative is intended to support the growth of electric mobility in Pakistan.

This new EV charging station provides an environmental friendly solution and convenience to electric vehicle owners in the form of a new technology called ‘Rapid Charge’. The state-of-the-art ‘Rapid Charge’ station deployed at Packages Mall is top-of-the-line, delivering a blisteringly fast charging time of 20 to 45 mins. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TPPL, Mehmet Celepoglu, stated, “Total PARCO will continue to play its role as a responsible energy company by consistently offering value products and services to our customers. We are committed to stay aligned with the policies of the Government of Pakistan towards clean energy and long-term environmental sustainability.”

Khurram Raza Bakhtayari, CEO Packages Mall, had this to say: “Packages Mall congratulates Total PARCO for evolving with the changing dynamics of the automobile sector and revolutionizing the industry by launching Pakistan’s First EV charger facility within the premises of our mall. We look forward to its success.” This partnership strengthens Total PARCO’s position as a key player in electric mobility in Pakistan by facilitating a carbon-neutral energy landscape that negates the adverse effects of climate change, while providing value to society by catering to the people’s energy needs.

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