Telenor Pakistan equips Rescue 1122 with customized digital solution to ensure efficient emergency response

Telenor Pakistan has developed a customized ‘E-Rescue Solution’ for Rescue 1122 Punjab Emergency Services. Telenor Pakistan’s call management, dispatch, vehicle tracking, and communication system will equip Punjab Emergency Services to ensure swift and effective response towards emergencies. This E-Rescue solution will also enable monitoring and evaluation of control rooms and field staff.

The 360-solution developed by Telenor Pakistan equips Rescue 1122 staff with fully digitalized set of solutions including live location, call recording and identification of closest emergency vehicle to the area of incident. In case of an emergency, the user has a one-click option to dial 1122, which will show their live location on the call screen to the Rescue 1122 staff. The system will then notify and mobilize the closest response team to the emergency location, saving critical time and increasing efficiency.
Additionally, it also provides a smartphone application for citizens to allow quick access to rescue and emergency services and provide feedback with the tap of a button. Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Executive Officer Telenor Pakistan said, “At Telenor Pakistan, we aim to ensure technological and digital interventions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes to ensure they are ready to tackle the needs and demands of the future. This latest digital intervention, especially designed for Rescue 1122, is a step towards enabling state-of-the-art emergency services while deploying the latest technologies for rapid response. With Rescue 1122’s needs at the core of design, the E-Rescue solution will digitalise customer servicing through automation and allow increased efficiency and control to Punjab Emergency Services.”

Dr. Rizwan Naseer, Director General Rescue 1122, said, “The E-Rescue Solution is a milestone for Rescue 1122 towards digitalising its systems and processes to ensure efficient and timely response to our citizens. Response teams can save lives even more efficiently with the added benefit of real-time tracking, and users at home can have the reassurance that if needed, they are in good hands. It is a great pleasure to know that our frontline teams can now rely on this latest technological solution made by Telenor Pakistan that enables them to continue serving our citizens even better.”

The E-Rescue solution, which will be deployed in 36 districts in Punjab, also offers improved performance management visibility and efficiency enhancement via monthly emergency response mileage reports and geo-fencing alerts. Telenor Pakistan has been enabling businesses across industries with its latest technological interventions including data analytics, self-servicing platform for corporate clients, IoT and customized enterprise solutions. In the past, it has also made customized solutions for fleet management, hospitality industry, and educational sector.

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