PTA Responds to telecom Threatening Data and Signal Load-Shedding

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has not taken the threat recently issued by telecom operators regarding data and signal load-shedding lightly.

PTA Responds to telecom Threatening Data and Signal Load Shedding

According to details, PTA has written a letter to Telenor, Jazz, and Ufone, asking them to clearly state the challenges that are proving to be a hindrance in achieving the rollout obligation targets. PTA is aware of the economic difficulties faced by the telecom companies. The telecom regulator is also considering the suggestion of increasing tariffs proposed by the cellular mobile operators (CMOs) to absorb the shock of the prevailing unfavorable economic conditions.

The letter added that under the recently signed license conditions, PTA holds the authority of granting relaxation to CMOs in the rollout targets in case of genuine economic challenges.Earlier this week, the CMOs had written a joint letter to the Director-General (DG) Enforcement PTA. The telecom operators warned the PTA of connectivity failure in case the government fails to resolve the power crisis.CMOs had stated that they are finding it difficult to deal with the situation despite having generators and batteries for backup, adding that the duration of load-shedding has exceeded the backup capacity.

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