Honda aims to reduce road accidents by collaboration with the government, 1122 & other stakeholders

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is aiming to anchor better road safety for everyone sharing the road, through advanced future safety technologies.

Honda aims to reduce road accidents by collaboration with the government, 1122 & other stakeholders

The goal is to reduce 50% traffic collision fatalities by 2030 and Zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050. Honda intends to achieve this goal with the development of 4E Scenario in each country E-Evaluation, E-Engineering, E-Education, E-External Affairs. This ‘Road Safety for Everyone’ initiative is proactively being applied in Pakistan, and as per Pakistan’s Safety Strategy the government plans to save 6,000 lives by 2030 against 18,700 fatalities build on projection of fatalities under the ongoing scenario.

Honda already introduced Global Safety Technology “Honda SENSING” in Pakistan along with created awareness in the market through diverse campaigns, training modules and other activities. Such advanced technology is an innovation in Pakistan Market to help the driver to achieve safe driving and avoid collisions. Furthermore, to achieve the target of 50% and then 100% reduction in road accident fatalities by 2030 and 2050, Honda will persistently focus on the 4E Scenario with support from the authorized dealers and respective Government Departments.

In addition, following significant collaborations and measures will be directed for Honda to make progress and strive in this initiative Road accident investigation at Punjab, Pakistan with Rescue 1122, Dealers and Insurance companies. KYT, RT training and PDSA at dealerships. Direct training to HACPL, AHL, Supplier, Dealer, Corporate and Educational institutes. Road safety CSR activity with Law Enforcement. Propose the GOVT. for strengthening vehicle regulations, license system and police crackdowns etc. Strengthen the communication mode regarding Honda safety technology. Introduce Hi-Tech related to safety in order to counter road accident.

Source: This news s originally published by dailytimes