Whopping Plantation Easiest Way To Mitigate Effects Of Climate Change: Minister

Provincial Minister for environment, wildlife and forests, Syed Ishtiaq Urmar here Monday said that whopping plantation was an easiest way to mitigate effects of climate change and global warming in the country.

Whopping Plantation Easiest Way To Mitigate Effects Of Climate Change Minister

In a statement here, he said effects of flash floods could also be tackled through massive whopping plantation as forests protect soil from erosion. A plantation target of 37.564 million saplings has been set for monsoon that would be achieved through participation of general public, farmers, students, academia, defense forces and forest department. He said work on 10 billion tree tsunami project was smoothly underway in Khyber Pakthunkhwa where37.564 million saplings would be planted during ongoing monsoon. According to forest department, around 113.946 million plants were raised in different nurseries out of which 37.564 are fit for whopping plantation. As many as 19.6 million saplings would be planted in central south region including merged tribal and southern districts besides northern forest region Abbottabad with a plantation target of 8.

More than nine million saplings would be sown in forest region Swat. Likewise, about 116 different types of species were selected that would be planted as per geography, climate and soil conditions. Similarly, 20.686 million saplings would be planted under various government departments including 13.104 million in region-one, 4.143 million in region-two and more than 3.439 million saplings in region-three. As many as 0.895 million saplings would be raised in urban and non-urban areas across the province, while 8.946 million saplings under farm forestry program besides about 2.210 million under village development committees, 3.879 million saplings through defense forces and 0.948 million through education institutions. The minister said KP was most suitable for plantation and unproductive land of merged areas was being utilized under the 10 billion trees project to make it lush green.

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