How The Montreal Protocol Helped Save The Climate

How the Montreal Protocol The treaty is universal with 197 member countries. It is legally binding with penalties for countries that flout its provisions.

How the Montreal Protocol helped save the climate

The Montreal Protocol didn’t just preserve the ozone layer, it helped save Earth from a climate change time bomb. The landmark ozone treaty was agreed 35 years ago this month, at a time when both climate and ozone science was far less developed than it is today. Montreal Protocol Yet every nation signed on, accepting binding commitments to reduce the production, consumption and emissions of chemicals responsible for thinning the ozone layer that guards the planet from the sun’s most damaging radiation. The same set of chemicals happened also to be immensely powerful greenhouse gases, and cutting them bought the world valuable time to deal with the climate crisis. If we let the  keep growing, we would have had the impacts of climate change that we’re feeling now … a decade ago,” said David Doniger, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council who has worked on the issue since the 1980s. “And things would be that much worse

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