Youth International Conclave Organises KP’s Latest Career Fair

Young job seekers had the chance to network with top employers at the event, which also helped to build a thriving startup and innovative venture ecosystem.

Youth International Conclave Organises KP's Latest Career Fair

Over 5000 people from all over the region attended the “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Latest Career Fair,” which was organised at KUST University by Youth International Conclave in partnership with the District Youth Officer and NEP NICs Kohat.

Young job seekers had the chance to network with top employers at the event, which also helped to build a thriving startup and innovative venture ecosystem.

The fair provided businesses with a venue to showcase their goods and services to potential clients and business partners, with over 100 business stalls. Young businesspeople from all over the area were drawn to it because it also included a “Business Plan Competition,” where they could present their creative ideas to a panel of judges and compete for prizes.

Youth International Conclave

Engr. Umar Farooq Gul, the president of the Youth International Conclave and a well-known businessperson, author, and ecosystem builder, organised the fair. Under his direction, the fair effectively established connections between job seekers and leading employers, produced chances for entrepreneurship and innovation, and facilitated meaningful interaction between established businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Vice Chancellor of Kohat University of Science and Technology, the Assistant Commissioner of Kohat, and the Management of the National Expansion Plan of NICs were among the notable and reputable individuals who attended the Career Fair of the Youth International Conclave in 2023.

The speakers include Qurat UL Ain Zaman, CEO of Ain Consulting and a Chartered Accountant, as well as Engr. Shahab Hadi Khan, the founder of BeOner, Somiya Zaman, Coordinator of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board, and Qurat Shahab Hadi Khan.

The occasion served as proof of the Youth International Conclave’s dedication to empowering the following generation of businesspeople and leaders.

The organisation has a proven track record of putting on related events, such as conferences, workshops, and training courses, with the goal of fostering innovation, creating networks, and advancing regional economic development.

Youth International Conclave KP

The event’s chief organiser, Engr. Umar Farooq Gul, is the president of the Youth International Conclave. Young job seekers and top employers were brought together under his leadership and vision, creating an environment that was exciting and engaging for everyone. Overall, the career fair’s success highlights how crucial it is to link job seekers with top employers and to foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

The “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Latest Career Fair” brought together young job seekers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from all over the region, and it was a huge success.

The occasion offered a special chance to network, gain knowledge, and develop, and it highlighted the significance of developing dynamic ecosystems that support entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth.

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