Malaysia’s Kaigan Games Wins Best In Play Award At 2023 GDC

The GDC Expo, which is a component of the conference, is made to display the most recent game development tools and services from top technology companies.

Malaysia Kaigan Games wins at 2023 Game Developer Conference

The Malaysian game studio Kaigan Games, best known for its Simulacra series, won the Best in Play award at the 2023 Game Developer Conference (GDC) for the upcoming title Nullspace.

The annual Game Developer Conference, which held in San Francisco from March 20 to 24, unites the game development community. Programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio experts, and business executives are among the attendees.

The GDC Expo, which is a component of the conference, is made to display the most recent game development tools and services from top technology companies like Amazon, Epic, Google, Nvidia, Sony, and others.

The interactive GDC Play showcase at GDC Expo also features cutting-edge works from up-and-coming and independent developers. Kaigan Games’ Nullspace was chosen along with seven other games for GDC Play’s “Best in Play” selection, which will be given out throughout the week.

Nullspace is a real-time strategy (RTS) game with elements of role-playing games and exploration that is set in space. In this world, humans have begun colonising new planets and exploring the cosmos for new resources.

This has resulted in the discovery of an odd ancient artefact from an ancient civilization, which is in turn revealing the secrets of travel at the speed of light. Humans are now divided into numerous rival factions that are at war with one another as a result of this discovery.

According to Shahrizar Roslan, co-founder of Kaigan Games, “In Nullspace, the story is set where three asymmetrical factions—the Dominion, the Hegemony, and the Junkers are competing to expand their empires within the stars.”

The player will take on the role of a fleet commander who belongs to one of those factions. The player will have the opportunity to explore various star systems and planets with their fleet, engage in tactical combat, and make narrative decisions that will affect the global conflict.

Kaigan Games has released a vertical slice/playable alpha build of Nullspace, a space RTS game. A technical alpha video of the game has been uploaded to YouTube, and it looks action-packed with smooth controls.

Kaigan Games has been publishing horror titles since its inception, and Nullspace is the mark of a new era for the Malaysian game developer. The co-founder shared that while space RTS games are a niche genre, the demand is strong.

He noted, “Kaigan has a good history with establishing a foothold in niche genres. “Consider the Simulacra series as an illustration. We started with Sara Is Missing as our beta, and when that demonstrated a high level of audience engagement and interest, we created Simulacra, which was a huge success.”

After playing Simulacra 3, Kaigan Games‘ most recent game, I’m enthusiastic to see them explore this sci-fi genre. Additionally, I’m ecstatic to see how action-packed Nullspace is, and I anticipate seeing more world-building for the game. The Nullspace team is currently looking for publishers as the project is still in early pre-production.

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