EU Funded REPO4EU Launching An Open Science Publishing Portal

Using ScienceOpen’s publishing and discovery technology, the high-priority, EU-funded drug repurposing initiative REPO4EU has launched an open science publishing portal.

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Using ScienceOpen’s publishing and discovery technology, the high-priority, EU-funded drug repurposing initiative REPO4EU is launching an open science publishing portal.

A partnership with SciCrunch will provide SciScore reports for all manuscript submissions in order to improve the scientific rigour, transparency, and reproducibility of the research outputs published.

High-quality, open access drug repurposing research publications will gather at the interactive portal Drug Repurposing Central. Precision drug REPurpOsing For EUrope and the world is known as REPO4EU.

In order to transition the industry from imprecise drug therapy to precision medicine, the ultimate goal is to host and expand an EU industry-level online drug repurposing platform with a global audience.

The platform will offer knowledge across the entire value chain of drug repurposing, including analysis of freedom-to-operate, intellectual property protection, business development, evaluation of health technology, ethical considerations, and data governance issues.

The technology and administration of the Drug Repurposing Central publishing portal will be handled by ScienceOpen, an open science publishing portal that is a part of the REPO4EU consortium.

ScienceOpen, a 2013 startup with offices in Berlin and Boston, has a wealth of experience in open access publishing, open peer review, preprints, and alternative metrics for research assessment.

SciScore employs cutting-edge technology to produce a report on the scientific rigour and transparency of any research article, as well as a score based on the methods section. These resources help raise the calibre and dependability of scientific research by assisting researchers, editors, and funders.

SciCrunch, a cooperative data platform based in San Diego dedicated to making research data more FAIR, created SciScore (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

“I am very excited to be working with the SciCrunch team to offer automated SciScore reports on all manuscript submissions,” said Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen.

The mission of REPO4EU is centred on open science. By integrating SciScores with the publishing platform Drug Repurposing Central, we hope to offer authors assistance in adhering to best practises.

Anita Bandrowski, CEO of SciCrunch, expressed her excitement about joining the Drug Repurposing Central by offering automated Scientific Rigor Reports to authors. The key to success, she continued, is communicating with authors about their adherence to standards for rigour and reproducibility as well as the possibility of acting on the findings.

It is essential to address this issue because the inability of researchers to replicate each other’s experiments and results hinders drug development, increases resource demands, and raises research costs.


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