Suftech Innovations Put On Battle Gear To Attack On Climate Change

Suftech is a climate tech startup with cutting-edge patent-pending technology that can produce pure polymer from plastic waste.

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Ahsan Ejaz, co-founder and CEO of Suftech Innovations Private Limited, stated that the company was unaffected by the shortage of raw materials because it produces virgin-like polymer from plastic waste, which is easily accessible in Pakistan.

A Pakistani start-up company by the name of Suftech Innovations has donned its battle gear in order to launch a revolutionary attack on climate change by introducing disruptive technology to most effectively repurpose resources, reduce marine and soil pollution, and plug greenhouse gas emissions to a measure that matters.

Suftech is a climate tech startup with cutting-edge patent-pending technology that can produce pure polymer from plastic waste. Suftech leads the transition from a linear plastics economy to a truly circular and sustainable plastics economy.

The finished product is of such high calibre that virgin polymer can be swapped out for it. This helps commercial organisations honour their commitments to responsibly recycle and repurpose plastics, advances circularity and sustainability, and brings the company one step closer to its Net-Zero emissions goal.

It should be noted that the technology is scalable, replicable, and transferable to any location on Earth. Ahsan Ejaz told media that the decision to take action in response to climate change was made for a very straightforward reason: it was something that was very important to him and to the company.

The founders of Suftech are dedicated to finding solutions for environmental problems on a global scale because they believe that “the Earth is our only home and if actions weren’t taken now, this home will not be liable for our future generations.”

After receiving the Green Challenge Fund from Karandaaz Pakistan, the implementation partner of the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in 2021, the startup’s founders launched their operations without any investors on board.

They were able to build their commercial-scale facility with the assistance of the funding, and they now have five years to establish Suftech Innovations as a regional business with at least two manufacturing facilities in the MENA region.

According to Ejaz, Suftech has already revolutionised Pakistan, and in the next ten years, they plan to enter the US and UK markets.He explained that the company had stopped 30,000+ kilogrammes of plastic waste from entering the environment and polluting the soil and ocean in just a few short months.

He continued, “The technology helped replace virgin polymer with our product, which helped save $60,000 in valuable foreign currency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 450,000kg. Suftech has not been impacted by the financial hardship that other startups are experiencing, despite the fact that the majority of them are struggling to stay in business.

Every crisis, in Ejaz’s opinion, also presents an opportunity. “The unfortunate economic situation in Pakistan has created opportunities for businesses that rely on local materials while placing restrictions on import and making everything imported extremely expensive,” he said.

“This ensures the availability of our product and cements our position as a dependable supplier for our customers.”

The co-founder, however, added that Pakistan’s taxation system and extremely high cost of electricity needed to be made more user-friendly for startups. Startups like ours would be able to fulfil their potential much more quickly and effectively thanks to this, he insisted.

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