PNS Holds Students’ Convention On Use Of Peaceful Nuclear Technology

PNS holds a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposia in various cities to achieve this goal. At numerous colleges and institutions, some sessions have been held.

PNS Holds Students' Convention On Use Of Peaceful Nuclear Technology

The International Islamic University in Islamabad organised the Students’ Convention on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology on May 20, 2023, organised by the Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS). The students interacted with eminent scientists at this convention.

The More than 1100 students have joined the Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) in just a few weeks since it introduced the Associate Membership scheme for students at universities and professional colleges that are related to science, engineering, and medicine.

The primary goal is raising public awareness of the advantages and peaceful uses of nuclear technology in the production of electricity, high-tech industries, agriculture, the environment, and human health.

PNS holds a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposia in various cities to achieve this goal. At numerous colleges and institutions, some sessions have been held. Cash prizes on speech and article writing competitions have also been developed as some attractions for the younger crowd.

It will undoubtedly expand career options for recent graduates in the nuclear sciences and advance the nation’s indigenization efforts in this area. This procedure includes the Students’ Convention at the International Islamic University Islamabad’s (IIUI) Allama Iqbal Theater.

Ms. Ayesha Baig, a Preston University student in Islamabad, fulfilled the role of stage secretary. The welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Tamoor Khurshid on behalf of the chairman of the IIUI’s physics department.

In a formal introduction, Dr. M. Tahir Khaleeq, President of PNS, outlined the value of Associate Membership and introduced PNS. He listed many advantages of joining this successful programme, including help choosing and starting projects, advice on choosing a professional career, and counselling on pursuing higher education.

He continued by saying that PNS offers free access to webinars, online classes, and discussions pertaining to nuclear technology, enabling members to stay current on advancements in the field of nuclear technology and related sciences.

In the technical session, eminent scientists and engineers, Dr. Ansar Parvez, HI, Former
Chairman PAEC, Mr. Muhammad Naeem, NI,HI,SI, Former Chairman PAEC, Dr. N.M. Butt, SI,
Former DG PINSTECH/ Chairman PINSAT, Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Former DG Optics
Lab/Rector GIKI, Engr. Syed Ziauddin, Former Member Engineering PAEC, Dr. Qamar Mahboob,
Former Member Materials PAEC and Dr. Naseem Irfan, Rector PIEAS were the panelists.

They motivated the students by telling about their lifelong struggle to achieve such a status in the
community of nuclear science and technology in the country. They mentioned many big achievements they made in spite of limited resources and without any foreign assistance.

It was followed by a questions/answer session. Vice President of PNS, Mr. Waqar A. Butt, moderated this discussion. Students posed thoughtful, insightful questions that the panellists responded to well.

After that, tenured professor at COMSATS University Prof. Dr. Farida Tahir provided information on the significant International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT), also known as the “Physics World Cup.”

At Kohsar University in Murree, it will be held for the first time in Pakistan in 30 years in July 2023. Students were encouraged to take advantage of this special chance.

Three students, Mr. Tahir Taj from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Ms. Madeeha Bibi from Hazara University, Mansehra, Mr. Hamza Khan from Air University, Islamabad, and Mr. Madeeha Bibi from Hazara University, Islamabad, spoke on behalf of Associative Members about their thoughts on PNS initiatives and offered some helpful suggestions, focusing on what the students want from PNS.

Ms. Aysha Yasmeen of International Islamic University Islamabad, Ms. Ishrat Fatima of University of the Punjab, and Mr. Faraz Ahmed Mahar of University of Sindh, Jamshoro were the top three winners of the PNS speech competition on “Global Warming and its Effects.”

Mr. Muhammad Haroon Farooqi from Qauid e Azam University, Islamabad, received a second prize in the article writing competition. 25 students competed in the speech competition, and 49 students wrote articles. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, dean of sciences at IIUI, gave the concluding remarks, and Dr. Mohammad Mohsin, general secretary of PNS, offered a vote of thanks.

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