Master Changan: Driving Innovation In Pakistan Auto Industry

Within just 5 years, Master Changan, the top new entrant, rose to the top spot and is now setting new standards for the auto industry of Pakistan.

Numerous products have been introduced and met with a variety of reactions since new players entered the automotive market. Within just 5 years, Master Changan, the top new entrant, rose to the top spot and is now setting new standards for the auto industry of Pakistan.

Master Changan has won over Pakistani customers with its wide range of appealing products, with 79% of the votes in the van category, 51% in the sedan category, and 46% in the C SUV category. Over 100,000 respondents chose Changan’s goods as their favourites in each of the categories.

With its Effie Gold-winning auto campaign, “Drive Your Dreams,” the Changan Karvaan MPV honours friendship, family, and unity. With the slogan “Watch me move,” Master Changan introduced the Changan Oshan X7, one of its most revolutionary products, last year.

Master Changan is a leading disruptor of auto industry of Pakistan, and has released a mysterious teaser picture on their official Facebook page on 1st June. It has left fans and followers eagerly speculating about what the brand has in store for them.

The teaser picture accompanied by an in-picture text that reads “Ray of light is calling you. Stay tuned 09.06.2023” has captivated the attention of over 300,000 followers on Facebook.

It showcases a mysterious visual, filled with intrigue, and embodies Changan’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delighting their loyal customer base. It has sparked thought provoking discussions amongst the Pakistani auto experts and consumers.

The first teaser emphasises the deeper underlying problem with auto industry of Pakistan : the continual introduction of outmoded models with outmoded technology there. New models—are they truly new products? The majority of the purportedly “new” models on the market in Pakistan have long since lost their lustre abroad.

The player who has introduced the most products of the newest generation in the shortest amount of time is Master Changan. With the launch of the Oshan X7, which was broadcast live around the world by Changan’s international partners, the company made history by becoming the only automaker in Pakistan to conduct a Global Premiere in the nation.

Currently, Master Changan is the only OEM exporting automobiles from Pakistan and starting a new era for the sector.

The Oshan X7 from Changan continues to stand out as the best link between typical C-SUVs and conventional D-SUVs. Customers are now finding it difficult to find vehicles that have a low and efficient running cost, have a lower price tag, and deliver exceptional value as a result of the recent increase in vehicle prices.

With a lower starting price and a more fuel-efficient engine than other flagship models like the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, the Changan Oshan X7 (Seven Seater) Comfort variant actually offers the best value for money in the SUV segment.

It also has the major advantages of being the largest in size and leg room space, most powerful and fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine, most feature-packed, most comfortable, and overall safest.

The Changan Oshan X7 FutureSense variant offers a budget friendly alternative to the Kia Sorento and Toyota Fortuner with the most fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine and hi-tech features like Forward Collision Warning, Auto Emergency Braking, Heated and Ventilated Seats and more.

The 1.5L Turbo engine goes from 0 to 100 in 8.23 sec with more than 300 Nm torque and 185 HP output. At a time when fuelling costs are a major concern for car buyers, the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is what matters. Customers have claimed as much as 15 km/L during their trips to Northern Pakistan.

A 1.5L turbocharged engine, best-in-class rim size, 5-year/150,000-kilometer warranty, and fuel efficiency are all features of the Changan Oshan X7. In order to give customers a chance to try products before buying, Master Changan is also running a test drive campaign.

Oshan X7 by Master Changan features two teasers that probe viewers to determine whether they are trend setters or followers. To give Pakistani car buyers the future they deserve, Master Changan challenges the status quo and establishes new standards.

Master Changan has provided its customers with best-in-class products and experiences thanks to its innovative and disruptive approach. The Oshan X7 is intended for people who demand the best that the world has to offer and will not accept anything less.

Master Changan has made a name for itself as a trend-setter and a change-maker thanks to its amazing accomplishments for both the country and the auto industry, including:

  • It is the first automaker to have exported vehicles from Pakistan that were made locally.
  • The first automobile manufacturer to launch its vehicle globally from Pakistan.
  • introduced Pakistan’s first Euro 6 engine, the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engine on the market.
  • First automaker to test L3 autonomous vehicle technology on a local level in Pakistan.
  • The first automobile in Pakistan to feature locally developed and tested intelligent and autonomous driving technology. The company calls the suite “FutureSense.”
  • The facility that produces cars in the most environmentally friendly way, powered by 80% renewable energy by solar energy.

Over the past five years, Changan has expanded into a family of nearly 40,000 clients, with 27 dealers serving the country from 17 cities.

Master Changan has sparked a wave of curiosity and anticipation among its dedicated fan community with a teasing sneak peek. Social media platforms have been flooded with comments, likes, and shares as fans eagerly express their excitement. Sources suggest that this unveiling will begin a new chapter for Oshan X7, possibly a new variant or a new communication campaign.

With a 2018 investment of USD 136 million, Changan is a joint venture between Master Group and China’s top domestic automaker, Changan. The plant was constructed in a record-breaking 13 months, and it can now produce 50,000 units annually. With a nearly 80% reliance on renewable energy at its best, the plant is the greenest in Pakistan.

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