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Isolation of menthol from various Mentha varieties using physical processes

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article image Menthol is a biologically active ingredient of viable worth and is utilize in a number of industries. The essential oil acquired from various Mentha species frequently comprises menthol as chief component (40-85%). The Mentha species  have extraordinary menthol contents are Mentha arvensis named as Japanese mint (80-85%) and Mentha piperata recognized as American peppermint (50-55%). […]…Read More

Promotion of STEM Education for young learners in KP and Balochistan

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article image Representatives from nine robotics companies from across Pakistan met with Balochistan’s Education Secretary Abdul Fateh Bangar in Quetta this week to discuss the introduction of robotics-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Balochistan. Presenting innovative ideas regarding the use of technology at education institutions, the representatives explained how STEM studies could improve education […]…Read More

Hamdard Foundation gains impress delegates

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STAFF REPORT PESH: The achievements of various educational and medical projects being undertaken by the Hamdard Foundation of Shaheed Hakim Muhammed Said have left delegates impressed who want such schemes launched in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well to benefit the militancy-hit province people. The journalists from Peshawar received the first-hand information on these projects during a recent visit to the port city of Karachi. The occasion was the 20th convocation of the Hamdard University at…Read More

PakTurk students win two world gold medals

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Three groups of students from different branches of PakTurk International Schools and Colleges got first position worldwide and won two gold medals in an international climate contest recently held in Kenya. They also bagged third position globally in a science competition held in Indonesia and bronze medal in world’s largest science fair that took place in the US. According to the details, Muhammad bin Aslam and Naqi Raza of Lahore and Alam Khatoon and Vishah…Read More

Punjab promoting kitchen gardening

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: In order to promote kitchen gardening’ in the province, the Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has initiated supply of packets of different vegetables seeds to the masses. Per capita daily use of 280 grams of vegetables help maintaining the health of human being but unfortunately in Pakistan usage of vegetable is at half of the required standard.Fruit and Vegetable Development Project Director, Muhammad Asif Khan disclosed this while inaugurating a recently held one-day…Read More