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Insects play a vital role as a food

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Insects belong to class insecta and Phylum Arthropoda. Approximately 2-3 billion species exist on earth they have three body regions ( head,thorax,abdomen), compound eyes, one pair of antenna, three pair of legs and reproductive organs present respectively. They are cold blooded. Some insect species are very important for consumptions of human beings, because population of […]…Read More

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Biotechnology Plays a Significant Role to Control Insect Pests of Agricultural Crops

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Today insect pests have been one of most important problem in food production .Previous research have been proved that 1/3 of agricultural production of world, prized at several billion dollars is ruined by damaging of field and storage insect pests every year. Various toxic, broad-spectrum and synthetic chemicals are used to control pests.Natural ecosystem, human […]…Read More

Effects and management of biological magnification on human health

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Harmful chemicals and heavy metals flow into lakes, seas and ocean when agricultural and human waste is discharged into water. These chemicals and harmful metals cause various dangerous diseases and also affect the plants and animals. They also disturb the food chain and aquatic organisms. These chemicals are not digested they accumulate into animals that […]…Read More

Unhygienic effects of cockroaches and their remedies for human health

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article image Cockroaches are undesirable pests in households and buildings. During night, they visit for food in food storage areas, kitchens, and other severe places. They are called pest due to their dirty habits and unpleasant smell. They play a vital role as a carrier of various intestinal diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid and dysentery. They are […]…Read More